Empowered Gifts | Empowering Women One Handbag at a Time
Empowered gifts empowers WOMEN to regain their dignity through gifting handbags and training services to assist with successful employment or entrepreneurial endeavors.
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About Us

We at Empowered Gifts (EG) want to help liberate disadvantaged and underprivileged women from their shackles of domestic abuse, homelessness, and other socio-economic hardships all through—
The Power of the Purse.

Our one-of-a-kind, Los Angeles-based 501(c)3 nonprofit works through gift donation, financial-literacy education, and skill-based training all with the goal of securing employment. By gifting new and gently loved professional handbags, the initial step into the job force ensures each woman looks, and feels, the part—
Empowering women, one handbag at a time.

Sell your possessions and give to those that need.  This will store up treasure for you in heaven that will never fail…
Purses of Heaven that will never wear out or develop holes.  Your treasure will be safe, where no thief comes near and no moth destroys.
For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Luke 12:33-34

Click below to read about our mission and more about the Empowered Gifts movement.


Empowered Gifts mission is to empower Women and Girls with restored confidence form the shackles of domestic abuse, homelessness, and other socio-economic hardships through gifting handbags\purses and career services resulting in successful job placements and or entrepreneurial partnerships.

Empowered Gifts vision is to project an initiative for women’s empowerment, of gifts-opportunities, wisdom-education and wealth-economic empowerment resulting in rewarding self–fulfillment for those we service.

We Advocate

Empowered Gifts Advocates for

  • End Domestic Violence
  • Flight Against Hopelessness
  • Poverty Is Sexist Movement
  • Ax The Pink Tax
  • Agenda For A Just Future
  • Global Fund


Global humanitarian and entrepreneur, Candy Williams, brings her formidable experience in coaching/mentoring, consulting and financial management to Empowered Gifts (EG); giving women, displaced through domestic abuse, addictions, homelessness, or economic layoffs the means and inspiration to reclaim their lives and careers. Having dedicated herself to helping women recover their liberty and grace, this innovative and determined Trinidadian-American is a powerful and deeply spiritual leader. As EG’s founder, her professional background with Fortune 500 companies speaks volumes, and provides the organization with a solid foundation; holding management and consulting positions in companies such as JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank, The Walt Disney Company, McDonald’s Corporation, 3D Systems, Estee Lauder Companies and more. Under her leadership, Empowered Gifts has grown from gifting a dozen or so handbags (to empower a small group of women professionally) to a global initiative – providing recommendation and referrals for all aspects of women’s career development.

Ms. Williams honored by Business Life Magazine as “2016 Woman Business Achievers” she continues to exemplify her life as mentioned “no person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”
— Calvin Coolidge

Williams comes from an prolific family. She credits her grandparents John and Joan Williams who were the pillars for there family, as the source of her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropist aspirations. Music held a strong presence in the family and thus was the initial form of entrepreneurship. Her grandfather, John “Buddy” Williams a legendary calypso band leader has left a treasure chest of music in the New York Smithsonian. However, she credits her grandmother, Joan Williams as the true influencer of her charter and philanthropic endeavors. Joan a self-taught, career tailor from Trinidad, and the “go to” seamstress for all things fashion inspired her granddaughter to understand and value the importance of fashion in women’s lives, in general, and the unique importance of handbags as a symbol of where we carry our power. Her grandmother was a mentor to many women in her community and was an advocate for social economic justice. Thus, for Williams, there is a deep personal connection to handbags and helping women as inspiration and legacy; proving a fit starting point for founding her organization.


To push beyond believe the ideology that a women’s handbag carries power… Holds optimism of wealth… Can revolutionize economic growth in local communities and around the world.
#Employed Women Matter


Interested in joining our team?
To learn more about volunteering or internship opportunities with EG,
please call us at 844-GIFTS-41 (844-443-8741)
or email info@empoweredgifts.org

We appreciate your interest!


To further inspire the recipient of your donation, please place a anonymous handwritten note including one, or all of the following:

  1. Your wish or words of encouragement for her professional or personal success.
  2. If used describe your career/ journey with your this handbag
  3. Other uplifting words, mantras, poems, psalms, quotes, or musings

Alert Empowered Gifts when and where to pick up your donation and we will come to you with an In-Kind form for your generous taxable donation.

Note: Due to the many requests that Empowered Gifts have received, we accept handbags throughout the year

Where to Deliver Your Donated Handbags

As your heart desires please mail your donated Handbags to the following address:

5050 Sepulveda Blvd.
Suite 327
Sherman Oaks, CA. 91403


Calendar & Events

Monthly Programs

  • Homeless Connect Day Event- Donate handbags/ backpacks, feminine hygiene products, wallets, flashlights, rain gear, reading glasses, and any other associated accessories
  • Handbag drives donated by various individuals, companies, etc.


Quarterly Programs

  • Entrepreneur Expo- Collaboration with Women Business Council providing exposure, mentorship, coaching, non-profit instruction and financial legacy coaching to startup businesses



Annual Programs

  • Mothers Day Handbag Giveaway
  • Returning to College Program( Mothers)- Collaboration in partnership providing handbags, backpacks, scholarships, and school supplies
  • Reentry to Work Program ( W.I.N.T.E.R)- Handbags and accessories to help reform women in prisons, coaching on interviewing skills and job to career recommendations
  • Veterans Outreach (Women’s Shelters)- Handbag Celebration Veterans Day or Memorial Day
  • Thanksgiving Banquet for Homeless collaboration with Hope of the Valley
  • Holiday Season Handbag Gift Giveaway- Celebrations with various shelters and organizations
  • Coming Soon 2020 Fundraiser “Handbag Gala” in October Domestic Violence Awareness Month
  • Brighton Annual Handbag Trade In Event- Partnership with Brighton’s Collectible

Teen/ Young Women

  • Prom Day Event- LAUSD high school girls( low income, homeless, foster programs)
  • Graduation Programs St Annes Organization( low income, pregnant teen girls)
  • Teenage mothers- handbag, baby bags, and baby items as part of random acts of kindness in the summer months

Local Community

  • Teachers Appreciation- We honor local sheroes with handbags & Certificates of Recognition from Government Officers



  • ” The Traveling Handbags”  partnerships with women shelters around the world







Empowered Gifts (EG), is a premier Initiative for empowering economically challenged women, through gifting opportunities-Handbags as a source of hope, empowering them to Walk Out of disparity, to Walk In to lives of prosperity as they enter the workforce.
Handbag Gifting

Empowered Gifts was created as a call to action to promote the achievements of disadvantage women entering the workforce. Handbags are given as the initial step in the interviewing process ensuring that each woman looks and feels the part regardless of career choice. Gifts are also given for employment longevity and for transformers of their local communities.

Job Placements(Soon) 

2017 will launch an expansion of our services entitled, Empowered Gifts Enterprise (EGE). We will provide jobs (internships and permanent placements) in the greater Los Angeles Metropolitan region. By matching specific skilled workers with clients, saving business time and money, while providing our workers with honesty and a dignified hand-up. Driving optimal levels of success, by engaging high-performance and inciting our workforce into greatness, aligning their talent with the company’s growth. EGTA aspires to provide qualified female staff the means to financial stability, to businesses increased productivity and to the City and State economic resurgence.

EG’s Empowerment Workshops

EG’s workshops are unique and innovative dedicated to inspiring and guiding women to re-connect their skill and to what is expected in the work environment. Through guest speakers, discussions and a variety of other dynamic activities, participants will develop tools to successfully navigate through issues every woman faces  with finding and keeping jobs.


Handbag Gifting0%

Job Placement (coming soon)0%

Empowerment Workshops0%

Help Empowered Gifts

Your financial contributions are vital to the woman who want a swift in their lives. Your donations weather a handbag or monetary enables Empowered Gifts to provide gifting opportunities, financial literacy education, and skill based training, for successful employment or entrepreneurial endeavors, which ensures economic empowerment to those we service. Empowered Gifts accepts your generous donations all year around.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”       

Maya Angelou~



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Our Work

“In every day there are 1,440 minutes, that means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact” –Les Brown


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As your heart desires we appreciate your donated Handbags


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